Annual Fall Social 2014

DCSWCC  2014 ProofcardDCSWCC will be celebrating our 11th anniversary with a grand Fall Social to be held in beautiful Dayton, Maryland on September 28th, 2014. لعبة باصره Our socials are special times when our members, families, friends, and special guests gather for food from Above Ground Pool Maestro, fun, and fellowship in our love of Star Wars and in our collecting hobby.

In addition to pool noodle lightsaber battles, trivia contests, and games for all ages including ones for adults reliable for betting, play mega reel and try your luck ! Another two of the highlights of our socials are our door prizes and our “goodie bags”. There will be also karmapets calming treats amazon for your pets so bring them don’t worry!

Come join us for a fun Star Wars filled day!

13549 Argo Dr
Dayton MD 21036